Timur Salikhbaev
Timur Salikhbaev
Timur has over fifteen years of extensive legal practice and advised primarily on corporate and trade matters. His industry focus includes pharmaceuticals, chemicals, financial, trade and energy industries.
He also has significant experience in...
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Jahongir Abdurazakov
Jahongir Abdurazakov
Jahongir has sixteen years of experience advising large multinational oil companies on oil production and refining, taxation, corporate and commercial law matters. Prior to joining Tethys,  Jahongir was an adviser to a leading law firm, adv...
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Igor Zaharov
Igor Zaharov
Igor has 23 years of legal practice since he received the Master of Law degree (LL.M.) from the State Law University. He has been advising local and international companies on a wide range of legal issues and tasks as part of strategic projec...
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Firdavs Kabilov
Firdavs Kabilov
Firdavs Kabilov is an experienced legal practitioner focusing on infrastructure, energy and other regulated sectors. He has gained significant experience working on some of the notable transactions in Uzbekistan, from PPPs to M&A and privatisation. H...
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Timur Beknazov
Timur Beknazov
Legal counsel
Timur has more than 10 years of legal experience with specialization in international contracts, cross-border trade, commercial and corporate law. Prior to joining “Tethys”, Timur worked as an in-house legal expert for domestic and foreign companies,...
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Nilufar Mirjalilova
Nilufar Mirjalilova
Nilufar is the youngest member of our team. At present, she is studying the last year in B.A (Hons) in Commercial Law at Westminster International University in Tashkent. Her specialized area of law includes international, economic, sales and...
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About Company

TETHYS Law Firm assists companies by quickly and efficiently resolving issues that arise in their business activities. Our advantages are interaction with state bodies, provision of legal consulting services, litigation and mediation. We help companies to find a stable legal basis for developing and expanding their business as well as starting new projects. Our team consists of professionals who have a deep understanding of the specifics in the field and experience in various strategic areas, including healthcare, oil and gas industry, energy, chemical industry as well as other regulated sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan.

Our expertise is to conduct legal due diligence of enterprises, develop and finalize shareholders and investment agreements, PPP agreements, transaction documents, analysis of the regulatory environment, development of draft regulatory acts and in cooperation with regulators. Our representative industry experience includes banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, green energy, healthcare, chemical industry, retail, construction, e-commerce and others.
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Why Us

Our priorities and strengths:

  • Arrangement of meetings and negotiations at the highest level for the implementation of investment projects
  • Solving complex legislative and regulatory processes with the achievement of the desired results for business development
  • Consulting on issues of current investment policy and regulation of economic sectors
  • Understanding of operational processes and establishing relationships with government authorities
  • Implementation of knowledge in investment, business environment and opportunities to assist companies entering the market
  • Anticipating potential changes in legislation
  • Providing solutions for growth by carefully considering the legal, policy and practical aspects as well as the circumstances of each project

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Service sectors

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal support to investment and commercial banks, government organizations, financial institutions as well as foreign and local investors in the banking and financial spheres. We provide assistance at all stages of doing business, namely entering the market, financing investment projects in Uzbekistan, in the development and implementation of new banking and financial products and services, support of transactions, lending, leasing, project financing in Uzbekistan.

A deep understanding of the industry is a necessary element in solving complex legal issues in this area. Our team provides comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of aspects specific to the green and renewable energy industry. We assist market pioneers and promote specific interests of companies by helping to launch new or develop existing power generation projects, advise on tariff setting, purchase and sale of electricity, solar, wind and waste energy, and all other related issues.

We assist companies seeking brand awareness and advise them on specific market entry strategies. Our work ranges from helping companies to maintain control of their brand, structuring different types of deals and alliances (subsidiaries, joint ventures, licensing, franchising) to advising on various aspects of market conditions, taxation, manufacturing, business construction, branding and rights. intellectual property, supply chains, dealerships, equipment imports, advertising, cross-border trade and all related issues.

Our services in this sector are basically related to the optimization of the corporate and tax structure, which includes maximum control over subsidiaries and a flexible market entry strategy, helping companies to make the right investment decisions based on the pre-investment analysis of an asset, identifying and reducing all potential risks in relation to assets located in Uzbekistan. Experience in working with government agencies and a deep understanding of the specifics of public interests make us indispensable and necessary when it comes to the implementation of investment projects. Our recent project includes the acquisition of a stake in a government asset and full legal support for the transaction.

We advise on market entering and corporate establishment. We assist launching of ventures with FDI in agribusiness and advise on investment possibilities in the regions. We also advise on variety of investment projects including farms, vineyards, wineries, greenhouses and processing facilities, structuring transactions, advising on corporate issues, acquisitions, construction and land relations, government contracts, employment, environment, disputes and other issues.

We have advised a number of large local and international companies, including international oil service companies on investment policy, oil and mining law, establishing a corporate presence, structuring operations in this area, advising on environmental compliance, taxation, construction, insurance, secondment of workers and other aspects related to exploration and production of minerals. We help companies seeking to enter and expand in the market, launch investment projects with a favorable investment climate and expand the geography of their activities, achieving specific goals in negotiations with the authorities.

As one of the strategic sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan, pharmaceuticals are among the key areas of our firm's activities. We have a deep practical understanding of current trends in pharmaceutical regulation and changes in legislation, including the provision of medical services and manufacturing.

Our law firm assists in the participation and selection processes in tenders, including organizing and structuring actions in the sector, providing comprehensive legal advice and assistance in administrative support at all stages including market entry and optimization of related risks. Our recent projects include advising an international developer on concession and administration issues with government agencies, as well as corporate structuring and contract signing with the government. We also advised a consortium of companies on pipeline construction and gas export, EPC structuring for gas compressor station construction, gas storage, regulation and business organization.

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Our Services

  • Strategic risk analysis, legal audit (Due Diligence)
  • Consulting on labor legislation
  • Consulting on tax legislation
  • Reorganization, transformation of the legal form of organizations, support in bankruptcy and liquidation processes of companies and legal entities
  • Provision of solutions for optimizing business processes within companies and holdings
  • Legal support of major transactions and acquisitions, compliance with the rights of shareholders. Mergers and acquisitions, emission of securities, shareholder relations
  • Negotiating with an investor and preparing business and / or legal entities for sale, pre-investment consulting and support of investment projects

  • Advising on the development of a strategy for entering the Uzbek market and positioning as well as corporate structuring in accordance with competition and antitrust laws
  • Advising on antitrust transactions
  • Assistance in the acquisition of shares or establishment of control over strategic companies
  • Advising on antitrust transactions
  • Advising on antitrust audits and administrative cases initiated by the regulator as well as challenging decisions of antitrust authorities
  • Due diligence in respect of compliance with competition and antitrust laws of Uzbekistan
  • Compliance with advertising rules
  • Advising on unfair competition issues

  • Advising on environmental management and protection, compliance with environmental regulations and determining compensation for damage caused, as well as other issues, including radiation and industrial safety, geological work, etc.
  • Conducting an expert examination on compliance issues for compliance with environmental legislation
  • Expertise of decisions and orders of Supervisory and control bodies in the field of ecology and nature management
  • Assistance in the development of regulatory and technical documents in the field of industrial and radiation safety, the use and protection of minerals in their geological study, mining, processing of mineral raw materials
  • Development and implementation of legal documentation in the field of industrial and mining operations
  • Obtaining licenses and permits on various issues related to environmental management;
  • Cooperation with regulatory authorities on various environmental and regulatory issues

We must ensure that the interests of our clients will not be affected, and we are ready to go through everything to achieve this. We focus on achieving the best results for the principal by representing their interests in courts of all levels, including intellectual property arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration courts. Whenever possible, we are looking for ways to resolve disputes peacefully, including in cooperation with the state authorities of Uzbekistan and the chamber of Commerce and industry to achieve the desired result. We provide advice and assistance before, during and after the trial in forming a position, analyzing the strategy of trials and negotiations. We also assist in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards

  • Checking the company's activities for compliance with industry requirements
  • Interaction with state regulators on obtaining licenses and permits
  • Ensuring constant interaction with state bodies in order to avoid violations of regulatory requirements, challenging illegal actions of bodies and officials in the courts of Uzbekistan
  • Consulting on audit issues by regulatory and supervisory authorities;
  • Interaction with public authorities on the promotion of specific business objectives
  • Informing business ombudsmen and related government agencies in the event of unjustified administrative pressure, and cooperating with these institutions and organizations to obtain a positive result for the client

  • Representation of companies' interests in relations with local authorities for obtaining building permits
  • Discussion of land agreements-from leasing municipal land to subleasing it from private companies
  • Passing approvals and obtaining permits from regulatory and Supervisory authorities
  • Legal support of acquisitions of companies (legal expertise, legal support of the transaction, participation in negotiations on the terms of acquisition of companies) and representation of interests in the relevant authorities
  • Registration of ownership rights to completed or incomplete construction projects

Our firm provides support from the planning stage to building relationships with public authorities, resolving organizational and legal issues related to participation in tenders, as well as concluding contracts, obtaining permits and providing investment solutions.

  • Implementation of all necessary procedures for entering and operating in Uzbekistan
  • Conducting risk assessment and due diligence
  • Building relationships with public authorities to create favorable conditions for investment projects
  • Representation of companies operating within certain social and community requirements
  • Assistance in public procurement in the framework of PPP projects
  • Providing industry support and business intelligence

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Contact Us

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek 25
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In this litigation, our Firm defended the interests of a large international beverages company in a dispute against a local authority regarding the improper alienation of a land plot. Our lawyers successfully defended the interests of the Principal so they received full compensation.

Our law firm provided full legal support in the process from creation to full operation of one of the very first crowdfunding platforms in Uzbekistan, which operates under the laws of Fair Finance. This project is unique because in the course of its implementation we had to become pioneers in certain areas of legislation, which makes us unique consultants with practical experience in such projects.

In the course of working on this project, our law firm has consulted one of the leading clinical diagnostic laboratories in the near abroad. All processes from representing the client's interests in negotiations with local authorities to the signing of the agreement by the parties were successfully carried out.

Our law firm provided legal audit services to one of the largest consulting companies of near abroad. During the audit, our specialists performed professional due diligence, which was also mentioned by our client.

Consulting on the organization of presence of a micro-credit company for one of the leading micro-credit and financial organizations of the Russian Federation. In compiling the analysis, all specific aspects of the industry were studied and solutions to possible obstacles were provided to the client.

In this project, our law firm carried out a significant legal analysis in the field of renewable energy industry and the rules for participation in tenders and the conduct of PPP projects. Our client was one of the world's leading investors in the construction and operation of alternative energy source facilities. The project was successfully completed.

Comprehensive work on the merger of three large companies providing services for the electrification of industrial facilities in Uzbekistan. Conducting a legal audit of companies in preparation for the reorganization process, as well as full support of the process itself. All work was carried out with care to all the details, and the process went smoothly.

Advising a large European organization that creates software for cyber security, conducting secure payment transactions, mobile financial services and identification programs by bio-metric data. The essence of the project was the legal support of the liquidation of the institution in Uzbekistan, as well as the conduct of all formal processes.

Our law firm conducted a full legal audit for one of the leading manufacturers of industrial products in Uzbekistan. Also, the client was provided with an analysis to suppress possible future risks and optimize work processes.

In this project, our law firm conducted work in the field of M&A. In the course of work, all processes were duly accompanied from the legal side, which was noted by the client in the review for well-coordinated work.

Our law firm conducted due diligence (legal audit) for a leading retail company in Uzbekistan. In the course of the work, all the details were analyzed, and we also prepared an analysis to optimize the processes and prevent possible risks.

Consulting on taxation for one of the largest Eastern companies, which provides a range of technical services for the extraction and exploration of oil and gas. During the work, customers received desired results and praised the services of our company.

In this project, our law firm assisted a company that implements investment projects in the oil and gas sector, mining, as well as geological exploration. Our assistance was to obtain a license from a government agency for a major investment transaction.

Legal support of a large oil and gas EPC project for one of the leading oil refining companies in the world. Also, representing the interests of the client at a high level in business negotiations with local authorities.

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Our law firm is keen to provide you full legal assistance in all stages of privatization, including the preparation of all the necessary documents for filing an application, participating in negotiations with government agencies representing your interests, obtaining the necessary licenses as well as the implementation of all registrations and etc.

This article analyzes the regulatory framework of the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of the mechanism for acquiring rights (lease, acquisition, use, privatization) to land plots as part of the implementation of investment projects.

Complex overview of the current legislation on the norms applicable to environmental protection in the field of oil and petroleum industry.    

Today, mobile phones and their applications, which we use to solve many problems, are quite firmly rooted in the everyday life of billions of people. This article offers the reader a legal overview of mobile applications: creation and protection of intellectual property inherent in each mobile application in order to further protect their product from unscrupulous competitors.

The Regulation establishes the procedure for initiating, developing, reviewing all public-private partnership projects (hereinafter - PPPs); selecting a private partner; maintaining a registry of PPP projects; and reporting on their implementation.

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